We all contribute to building relationships between our church family and the local community by inviting those we know to regular or special events. These are not fully evangelistic events but can lead to sharing our faith and inviting you to know more.

Wednesday Morning Tea is a regular morning tea at 10.30 -11.30am and is an opportunity to bring anyone you know who needs friendly company or an outing – from young mothers to seniors. Helpers also welcome. (Ref: Pat)

St Peters run several styles of Community ministry, from guest speakers, video events, Saturday morning Breakfasts and Friday evening Soup & Sandwiches have all proven a popular way to invite friends and family to hear Christian speakers. You may be interested in helping to organize more of these events as a way to reach out. (Ref: Jane)

We can all help in our Parish and in wider Sydney.

Remember, if you are going out from this church to take part in mission elsewhere please be sure to go with the Rector’s blessing and the blessing of the church family.

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