Bush Regeneration

Since about 2005, the parish embarked on an extensive weed eradication program of the bushland west of the church. Lantana and Asparagus Fern were amongst the prominent ‘nasties’ stopping the regeneration of native flora once prevalent across the area.

Over the intervening years literally tons of green waste has been removed by volunteer parishioners. Green waste was initially disposed of by Woollahra Council ground staff with whom we have retained an excellent working relationship.

Volunteers have successfully carried on, meeting once a month in all types of weather enjoying the rewards of extensive bush regeneration now evident throughout the St Peter’s bush area.   An estimated 500 native tube stocks of varying species have been planted since then, which have largely grown today into fine specimens of Australian flora.

More volunteers are needed! We invite anyone with some garden skills to join the monthly get-togethers which take place on the last Saturday in each month from 8.30/9.00 a.m. for a few hours.   Morning tea is provided as well as all equipment including gloves. Weed pulling, sweeping, planting are just some of the lighter activities available. A contracted supervisor is always on hand to explain the difference between a weed and a native grass!

Come and join us on the last Saturday of each month. (Ref: Ian)

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