Some of us may also be called to take the Good News to “the ends of the earth”. Below are associations which our church supports and which provide opportunities for short term missions overseas and in northern or rural Australia.


SOMA (Sharing of Ministries Abroad) – This is an international association to arrange short term missions to churches in the developing world in need of renewal and support. Throughout the year SOMA Australia is invited to send a small group to teach and pray and worship with a church overseas or in northern Australia for a few weeks. (Ref: Office)


BCA (The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia)This society provides important support to the people of rural Australia and their churches. There are 3 ways you may wish to consider getting involved:

  • a tour to see the work that BCA does and to meet the people involved
  • working as a ‘Nomad’ for a few days or weeks using the everyday skills you already have to work alongside the Field Staff of BCA to help churches in the outback
  • becoming a BCA Co-worker : short or longer times of ministry in a rural area. We have information pamphlets and a video. (Ref: Ann)


CMS (Church Missionary Society of Australia)This society within the Anglican Church currently supports 150 permanent missionaries in 25 countries including northern Australia. If you are more interested in short term volunteer (STV) work with CMS, they have opportunities to take up work (3 months to 2 years) which complements that of the permanent missionaries. You could take part in things like teaching missionary children, other teaching opportunities in English or exercising your other professional skills in hospitals or relief programmes that are already established. We have information brochures and 2 short videos on loan for the next few weeks. (Ref: Ann)

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