St Peter’s – The Perfect LocationSt Peter's Church

A beautiful, intimate, English style stone church, situated in the most picturesque setting of Watsons Bay next to Gap Park, with Sydney Harbour and the bridge on one side, and the vast ocean on the other.

The Organ, once located in Napoleon’s Palace, starts to play Mendelssohn’s Wedding March as the Groom waits anxiouslynervously excitedly at the front of (up to) 110 of your closest friends and relatives.

As you say your wedding vows on the steps to the sanctuary bathed in stained glass light, you know the 5 week Marriage Preparation Course was well worth attending, and not just to get married here, but to set your marriage on a firm foundation for the future.

On the church grounds, after the ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, you pose for the most memorable photos of your lives.

This can be the setting in which your wedding vows and prayers are made.

Click here for a visual tour inside the Church.

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