At The Wedding

Flowers & Ribbons

The church florist supplies the main arrangements for all weddings. Pew ribbons,which remain the property of St Peter’s are also provided. You are most welcome to add additional flowers to the flower arrangements and/or ribbons if you wish, however this is at your own cost. See the Media Gallery for examples of the flowers and ribbons.


The Church organist will play the organ for your wedding. You will need to choose processional music for the bride’s entry and a recessional for the bridal party’s exit. Most couples also choose one or two hymns for congregational singing. The organist or the rector will be able to advise you on hymns and suitable processional and recessional music, or check out the Resources page. If you have a special request, such as  special music, or would like the organist to accompany a soloist, please provide a copy of the music to the organist at least one month in advance.

Note: Music which sounds great on a sound system may require special adaptation for our 200 year old baroque chamber organ!

Order of Service

We use the Second Order of Service in an “A Prayer Book For Australia” which begins on page 657. If you decide to prepare your own printed order of service, please see the rector about which prayers have to be included. Check the Resources page for sample Orders of Service.

We suggest that you ask a couple of friends to act as ushers to welcome people and distribute the orders of service (or prayer and hymn books).

Scripture Readings

As our wedding ceremony is a Christian service, you may only have readings from the Holy Bible. You may ask a member of your family or someone close to you to read the Bible passage(s).


There are restrictions with regard to taking photographs and video filming. During the service photographs and video filming may only be done from the organ loft or from the end of the aisle. Photographs may only be taken from the front of the church as the bridal party processes up the aisle. Photographers should liaise with the Verger when they arrive at the church. It is essential that the photographer(s) be as unobtrusive as possible.


Rose petals may be thrown away from the church entrance. Confetti or rice MUST NOT be thrown in the church grounds.

Everyone on Time

As there is frequently more than one wedding on any given day at St Peter’s, we ask that everyone turn up on time, including ensuring the photographer(s) are early to get direction from the Verger, soloist to liase with the organist, ushers too. And of course the bride!

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