Garden of Remembrance and Columbarium

The Garden of Remembrance, with it’s Columbarium Walls, was established to provide a place for the enshrinement of the ashes, not only of parishioners, but of any person, regardless of race, residence or religion.

Dedicated on the 19th October 1963. It is reached by a short path just past the main entrance of St Peter’s Church.

At present, the Garden of Remembrance comprises of a series of five garden areas built in a bushland ravine on the northern side of the church building. The five sub-gardens in order from the entrance steps are:

  1. The Entrance Garden
  2. The Gardenia Garden
  3. The Azalea Garden
  4. The Camellia Garden
  5. The Waterfall & Rose Garden
  6. The Rock Garden

We take care to maintain the natural garden environment. For aesthetic and safety reasons all artificial flowers, plastic and glass are removed from the area. Cut flowers are left while they remain fresh.

Niches may be purchased to serve the purpose of a memorial, even if the ashes are not enshrined.

Ashes should be delivered to the Church Office in the container supplied by the Crematorium. They will be kept in safe custody until enshrinement. A special service for the Interment of Ashes can be held if required.

Further Information

For further information, contact

The Columbarium Secretary
PO Box 88
Vaucluse NSW 2030

Or the Church Office Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm, or go to the Contact page and choose the Columbarium department.

Columbarium Plaques

Plaques for St Peter’s Columbarium are made of solid bronze and are designed to cover one niche. They are manufactured in Melbourne and take four to six weeks to complete.

The current cost of a plaque is $550 (including GST).

The maximum recommended number of lines on a plaque is seven (7).

The maximum number of letters per line is 19. Spaces between words and punctuation marks each count as a letter.

Please discuss plaque wording with the Columbarium Secretary.

Larger plaques to cover more than one niche may be ordered. The Church Office will advise the cost of such plaques on request.

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